Zender Mod for WoWonder



We are releasing a free Zender modification for WoWonder. This will allow your WoWonder script to use Zender for sending message notifications via SMS or WhatsApp.

Repository and installation guide are here: https://github.com/titansys/zender-mod-wowonder

Release files can be downloaded here: https://github.com/titansys/zender-mod-wowonder/releases

WoWonder Codecanyon URL: https://bit.ly/2wrp2OZ


Titan Systems is in no way affiliated with the author of WoWonder script, please use this modification in your own discretion.

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    Sean_Qe [Customers] 22 November 2022 15:20

    没办法Unable to use

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      norielle [Engineers] 27 November 2022 17:00

      Hi, sorry for the late response. Can you please explain further?

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    solotron [Customers] 10 April 2023 04:58

    do it mean duration on wowonder user will be ask for there number, there is no option to add number on wowonder

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