Zender v1.1

We are happy to announce that Zender 1.1 is now available!
In this release we have fixed a lot of issues and bugs, major features were also added as requested by most of the customers.
The latest update can now be downloaded in the official repository releases. Please install the latest update before re-building your app to avoid incompatibility issues.
You can download here: https://github.com/titansys/zender-official/releases
After updating, please delete all the contents of system/storage/cache/
Changelog v1.1:
  • You can now build gateway app without time delays, it means you can request again immediately after building (abuse will not be tolerated and still subjects to changes without prior notice)
  • Added support for MySQL 8
  • Added support for Nginx
  • Added the ability to upload custom landing logo, dashboard logo and favicon image
  • Added the ability to upload logo image for the gateway app
  • Added automatic translation of gateway app based on user selected language on the web app
  • Added SMS Actions, automatic actions for received messages (internal webhook) and autoreply
  • Added user roles, you can now have multiple admins and moderators with defined permissions
  • Added the ability to limit the max number of contacts on packages
  • Added mollie payment gateway
  • Added payment vouchers, useful if the user can't pay using the payment gateways
  • Added ability to import contacts by Excel file
  • Added the ability to bulk send messages by Excel file
  • Added the ability to impersonate a user account
  • Added the ability to add subscription to users manually
  • Added cookie consent alert
  • Added option to change default currency, now supports USD, EURO, GBP, AUD, CAD, HKD, JPY, RUB and SGD
  • Added language "show more" modal, fixes the language fab overlapping the view port
  • Added the ability to add custom pages
  • Added the ability to schedule messages
  • Added the ability to suspend user accounts
  • Added the ability to select enabled payment providers
  • Added the ability to disable support live chat widget
  • Added the ability to input multiple phone numbers together with groups in the bulk sender
  • Added "failed" status for sent messages
  • Added tooltips info and modals
  • Added Hausa language
  • Added Yoruba language
  • Added Igbo language
  • Added Bangla language
  • Added Romanian language
  • Added Spanish language
  • Added Swahili language
  • Added Turkish language
  • Added Portuguese language
  • Updated stripe payment gateway, it now uses stripejs API for more secure transactions
  • Updated webhook tutorial in the tools page
  • Updated layout of payment modal
  • Improved subscription checking algorithm
  • Moved the position of build buttons
  • Disabled debug mode in the built apks, it is now production ready and signed
  • Fixed the issue on languages not updating when modified
  • Fixed the issue not being able to register devices with version code containing 2 decimal places
  • Fixed the issue on disabling registration still showing buttons and modal at homepage
  • Fixed the issue where blocks are displaying errors when deleted from database and still included in the template files
  • Fixed internal framework routing issues
  • Fixed the issue in webhooks where it doesn't work sometimes
  • Fixed the issue where live chat support widget still not showing up even when the purchase code was already added and verified
  • Fixed API caching issues
  • Fixed DataTable sorting filter
  • Fixed add API key issue where the modal is not loading properly on some servers with mod_security enabled
  • Fixed the issue on payload processing for received messages
  • Fixed the issue where it causes error when sending messages and no devices are registered
  • Fixed the issue of 409 errors on some servers
  • Fixed page segment issue on default controller
  • Fixed missing translation strings
  • 524
  • Contabo
  • Envato Market