Zender v2.0

We are very thrilled to announce that v2.0 has been released!
In this version we have fixed some of the major issues and added the most requested features, currently our team is very active in developing this version. More features and fixes is coming for v2.1 and so on...
We would like to apologize for the very long wait, we faced so many struggles and problems while along the way but because of some of our customers who constantly supports us, now the new version is here!
A new gateway app algorithm has been added, this will surely boost the performance of the app when sending thousands of messages at a time. We have also created a new certificate, this will stop google play from showing the certificate issue because it was old but there is a downside when changing your app's certificate to the new one, in this version, we have added an option for you to choose what type of certificate you want to use for building the app. There are "Old" and "New" certificates, if your app is currently using the old certificate, we suggest that you stick with it because if you change to the new certificate, all of the devices registered on your zender site will need to be registered again because the device ID's will change, messages will also be affected if the registered devices become unusable. We only recommend the new certificate for fresh installations of zender.
The first plugin has been release, it's the "Codoforum Integration Plugin". This plugin will allow your zender site's login system to integrate with codoforum's SSO feature thus allowing an integrated community for your zender customers. All plugins including this are free for extended license holders, regular license holders can also get this plugin for free if they have rated Zender 5 stars and the rating has an age not less than 1 month.
A separate login page for customers was also created, new customers can now join the forums without installing any of our products just by logging in https://login.titansystems.ph using their purchase codes. Logging in to forums will give access to the downloads page where all plugins can be downloaded by customers specially the extended license holders. Downloads page is located at https://downloads.titansystems.ph
Tons of more features is set to be available on upcoming versions of 2.0 branch, don't worry! It won't take months, sorry again ?
Changelog v2.0:
  • Added google analytics support
  • Added new gateway algorithm, it is now 50% more faster and reliable
  • Added the ability to see the online/offline status of gateways when sending a message
  • Added login page for support forums, it is now easier to login by using purchase codes
  • Added exclusive download site for plugins, all zender plugins are free for extended license holders
  • Added arabic language
  • Added hungarian language
  • Added a new app builder certificate, type of certificate can be chosen when setting up your apk in the admin panel
  • Added custom css and js files for default homepage
  • Added the ability to generate multiple vouchers
  • Added the ability to set month duration for subscriptions
  • Added the ability to choose month duration when purchasing a new package
  • Added social login authentication by Facebook, Google and VK
  • Added timezone settings for users
  • Added the ability to enable recaptcha on login form
  • Added the ability to download the app by scanning QRCode in the Add Device form
  • Added RTL support
  • Added new PayPal implementation, the old version has been dropped
  • Added the ability to use your own tawk.to property
  • Added message ID to webhook response
  • Added an option to hide API guide to guests
  • Added the ability to disable voucher payments
  • Added character counter on message fields
  • Added the ability to change row count limits for SMS pages
  • Added message footermarks
  • Added the ability to change minimum and maximum characters on message fields
  • Added the ability to translate default homepage by url etc..,, by going to /us /fr /cn
  • Added a guide for setting up internal cronjobs in the documentation
  • Added support for the following currencies "aed", "afn", "all", "amd", "ang", "aoa", "ars", "aud", "awg", "azn", "bam", "bbd", "bdt", "bgn", "bif", "bmd", "bnd", "bob", "brl", "bsd", "bwp", "bzd", "cad", "cdf", "chf", "clp", "cny", "cop", "crc", "cve", "czk", "djf", "dkk", "dop", "dzd", "egp", "etb", "eur", "fjd", "fkp", "gbp", "gel", "gip", "gmd", "gnf", "gtq", "gyd", "hkd", "hnl", "hrk", "htg", "huf", "idr", "ils", "inr", "isk", "jmd", "jpy", "kes", "kgs", "khr", "kmf", "krw", "kyd", "kzt", "lak", "lbp", "lkr", "lrd", "lsl", "mad", "mdl", "mga", "mkd", "mmk", "mnt", "mop", "mro", "mur", "mvr", "mwk", "mxn", "myr", "mzn", "nad", "ngn", "nio", "nok", "npr", "nzd", "pab", "pen", "pgk", "php", "pkr", "pln", "pyg", "qar", "ron", "rsd", "rub", "rwf", "sar", "sbd", "scr", "sek", "sgd", "shp", "sll", "sos", "srd", "std", "szl", "thb", "tjs", "top", "try", "ttd", "twd", "tzs", "uah", "ugx", "usd", "uyu", "uzs", "vnd", "vuv", "wst", "xaf", "xcd", "xof", "xpf", "yer", "zar" and "zmw"
  • Updated composer dependencies
  • Updated titansystems API endpoints
  • Updated send API method to GET
  • Updated official documentation
  • Fixed language issue where admin is unable to add a new key and string
  • Fixed transactions permission issue
  • Fixed cookie consent pop-up bugs
  • Fixed quota not truncating properly
  • Fixed excel importing not working on some servers
  • Fixed an issue where quota is not truncating when subscribing to a new package
  • Fixed payments pages translation strings
  • Fixed remote smtp support, it now allows other smtp servers other than gmail
  • Fixed missing language strings from past versions
  • Fixed an issue where link field cannot be empty when adding a reply hook
  • Gateway support for Android 4.4 has been dropped
  • "+" is now not needed when sending messages by send API endpoint
  • 24hr delay for building apk has been re-applied, this is only for regular license holders. Extended license holders can still enjoy unlimited builds
  • Removed titansystems chat support, this was replaced with the ability to use your own tawk.to chat support property
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