Zender v2.1

This is another update to fix the critical issues of v2.0, please properly follow the instructions below.

Update Guide:

  1. Delete the vendors/ directory from your server
  2. Upload the contents of Update/2.0.4 to 2.1/ folder excluding "README.txt" file from the latest zip file you downloaded from codecanyon.
  3. Go to http://yoursitedomain.com/update on a browser and it should show an update interface.
  4. Follow the further instructions in the update page.
  5. Delete the contents of system/storage/cache/ and you're done!
Currently, the https://downloads.titansystems.ph page for plugins is being updated. It should be fixed soon and we will post an update.

Changelog v2.1:
  • Fixed english language pagination strings
  • Fixed an issue where package footermark still shows even when disabled
  • Fixed recaptcha not working properly when enabled on login form
  • Fixed PayPal & voucher issues
  • Fixed an issue with json functions on mysql, zender support mysql 5.6 again
  • Fixed an issue where registration doesn't work
  • Fixed cronjob subscription issue
  • Fixed confirmation email escaping single quotes
  • Fixed qrcode to download gateway apk
  • Fixed qrcode scanner on gateway app not working
  • Fixed certificate issues on build server
  • Social login buttons are also now shown in registration form
  • Updated composer packages
  • Updated official documentation
  • 419
  • Contabo
  • Envato Market