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    Appybuilder [Customers] 26 October 2022 23:34

    Hi, Do you planned to add Bangladeshi mobile payment gateway Bkash / Rocket / Nagat

    Bkash Api doc:

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      norielle [Engineers] 30 October 2022 17:07

      Hello, we will try to add more payment gateways when we finally have more time.

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    nitramoneito [Customers] 3 November 2022 19:01

    Please Restore Flutterwave, i basically don't have a gateway that i can use for my country or Region.

    Here are other alternatives for the East African Region:

    iPay :: API Universe (

    Customer to Business (C2B) | SasaPay  

    Pesapal Developer Community

    Online Payment Methods | Online Payment Systems | DPO Group  

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    kryz2per [Customers] 4 November 2022 08:48

    Hi do you have plans to support Gcash and Maya payment Gateway?

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      norielle [Engineers] 4 November 2022 16:17

      We will add GCash soon.

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    betohs [Customers] 5 November 2022 21:43

    Anyone using 'Mercado Pago' successfully?

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    nazmulk6914 [Customers] 8 January 2023 03:49

    stripe not working plz help

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      norielle [Engineers] 8 January 2023 04:05

      Hi, please contact us using the form on our codecanyon profile.

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    rodrigomc2000 [Premium Sponsors] 19 January 2023 21:14

    Hello there, we need charge the value without conversions.... we are setting a price in BRL but it's converting to USD and showing low price to customer paid, we can't use this! Your team already fix this for the next update?


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    Najmulk [Customers] 23 February 2023 17:30

    add Bangladeshi mobile payment gateway Bkash 

    Bkash Api doc:

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    spidometrs [Customers] 11 September 2023 02:35

    I am waiting for you to add a USDT method to the payment module so that I can buy this payment module.
    It is better if it is Binance Pay, since 200 million users use this system.
    Can you do this this month, in September?
    I'm really looking forward to.

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    Mitya_Shepelev [Customers] 16 September 2023 17:30

    It would not be bad if you add yookassa payment gateway, here is the api. If you need access to your personal account for payment tests contact me, I will give you access as a developer.

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    Rere2018 [Customers] 19 March 2024 12:16

    Please add a payment gateway from Indonesia, for example:,, I'm still waiting for that payment gateway, thank you.

    WAMANAGER (Indonesia)
    WA : (+62) 819-1400-5555
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