Zender v2.1.4

New release for bug and error fixes . Please follow the guide to install update.

Update Guide:

  1. Delete the vendor/ directory from your server.
  2. Upload the contents of Update/2.1.1 to 2.1.4/ and replace existing files.
  3. Go to http://yoursitedomain.com/update in a browser and it should show an update interface.
  4. Follow the further instructions in the update page.
  5. Delete the contents of system/storage/cache/ and you're done!
Changelog v2.1.4
  • Added version info to admin dashboard, it's only visible to super admin
  • Updated composer packages
  • Fixed social login issue
  • Fixed permissions viewer of API keys
  • Fixed an error in send API where it still allows sending even with no devices registered
  • Fixed incorrect datetime on scheduled messages when being sent
  • Fixed framework session error when accessing /index
  • Fixed templates format where it only allows a maximum of 255 characters
  • Fixed undefined status for devices online status when opening SMS modals
  • 434
  • Contabo
  • Envato Market