Zender v2.1.8

New release for bug and error fixes. New features were also added! Please follow the guide below to install update.

Update Guide:

  1. Make sure that you have logged out from your zender site.
  2. Delete the vendor/ directory from your server.
  3. Upload the contents of Update/2.1.4 to 2.1.8/ and overwrite existing files.
  4. Go to http://yoursitedomain.com/update in a browser and it should show an update interface.
  5. Follow the further instructions in the update page.
  6. Delete the contents of system/storage/cache/.
  7. Go to admin panel then re-build your app, after successful re-build, please re-install the app.
  8. It's done!
Changelog v2.1.8
  • Added the ability to translate excel import instructions modal.
  • Added device ID in the devices list page.
  • Added the ability to receive branded sms in the dashboard, this is per user setting. Default is disabled.
  • Added the ability to disable the default homepage. Integrating wordpress, static and other cms as homepage is now possible.
  • Added a dedicated login, forgot and register pages.
  • Added slovakian language.
  • Fixed social login issues.
  • Fixed admin statistics issues.
  • Fixed an issue where unable to register device from the gateway app.
  • Fixed message pagination limit selection bug.
  • Fixed contact import feature, alert message now shows how many contacts has been imported.
  • Fixed an issue where footermark is still showing on scheduled messages even if user is already on a package with footermark disabled.
  • Fixed an issue where mysql is not following the user selected timezone.
  • Fixed tawk.to integration issues.
  • Fixed custom pages not working porperly.
  • Fixed auto reply feature not working and getting empty received messages.
  • Fixed plugin manager issue where installing a plugin doesn't work.
  • Fixed unable to select devices on some messaging features.
  • Fixed an issue where failed sms still getting counted as sent in the dashboard chart and counter.
  • Fixed an issue where sending suddenly stops in the app gateway.
  • Fixed recaptcha bug in forgot password modal.
  • Updated installer.
  • Updated stylesheets.
  • Updated composer packages.
  • Updated official documentation.
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