Zender v2.3

We sincerely apologize for the very late release of the update, we had to pull the submitted update last month because of some issues not detected early.
In this release, we have focused on the app performance and issues. We have ultimately eliminated the bug in sending messages, the app can now also run continuously without stopping unless the server returns an error, we have tested running the gateway app for 2 weeks continuously and it now runs perfectly. Because of the technology we used in the app architecture, to keep the app running, the must be kept open without shutting the display, we have a added a feature to lower down the brightness to 0 when the gateway is running to save battery power. We need to keep the display turned on to prevent android from suspending the http requests from the app, this is a limitation that we cant furtherly fix unless we implement a new communication protocol such as FCM but again, that protocol will complicate the configuration of zender so we are still planning the things out.
The gateway app will now notify the devices if there is a new update uploaded in the zender site of the owner, there are two version numbers displayed in the gateway app terminal now. The first one is the Gateway Build, this is the version number we are using to track the version of the official source code of the app, the second one is the Gateway Release, this is the version number of the uploaded apk in the owner server, every time the owner rebuilds the apk, a new gateway release will be made and will notify the devices for updating. You can see a screenshot of the update pop-up here.
You can now easily track the errors by tailing the system/storage/temporary/error.log file.
For more information regarding this update, please read the changelog below this thread.
The latest update can be downloaded in the official repository or from your codecanyon downloads page.

Update Guide

  • Upload the contents of Update/2.1.9 to 2.3/ and overwrite existing files.
  • Go to http://yoursitedomain.com/update in a browser and it should show an update interface.
  • Follow the further instructions in the update page.
  • Delete the contents of system/storage/cache/
  • Rebuild your APK using the build button in the admin panel!
  • It's done!
Changelog v2.3
  • Added error logger
  • Added update notifications in the gateway app
  • Added AutoStart feature in the gateway app when being opened
  • Added random send interval feature, allows the users to randomly send messages between the min and max numbers set by them. This effectively prevents unwanted bans from network carriers because of spamming or too much sending of messages.
  • Added the ability to rename devices in the devices page
  • Added the ability to set global devices, allow the users to send messages even without registering devices to their accounts. This feature currently only works for sending messages, it won't work for webhooks, actions and received messages. We are still re-thinking a way to make all of the said limitations to be possible.
  • Added register link in the login form on the default homepage
  • Added the ability to schedule a message for a single unknown number without selecting a group
  • Added the ability to hide packages from the homepage and packages modal
  • Updated language strings
  • All contacts in a group are now deleted when you delete it
  • The apk file is now renamed to the package name chosen by the owner and it also comes with version number all in lower case
  • Fixed an issue where the gateway suddenly stops without any reason
  • Fixed an issue where only 1 message is sent from the excel file
  • Fixed excel sending issue, a variable error is causing the problem
  • Fixed language typo in the footer of the homepage
  • Removed default widgets from fresh installations
The following features is currently being prepared and will also be released soon:
  • SMPP and third party SMS integrations
  • Ability to change date format in the entire system
  • Ability to change default sample number everywhere in the system including the API documentation
  • Ability to generate apk for offline local servers
  • Ability to arrange languages
  • Ability to unsubscribe
  • Message encryption
  • Custom form fields
  • User and package API endpoints
Roadmap will be updated shortly.
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