Zender v2.3.1

This release includes the critical fixes needed by v2.3, we have also finally added the One-click Update feature. This will surely remove the dirty old ways of updating zender. Please follow the update guide below to prevent issues.
Please note that you must be on v2.3 to update to this version without any problems.

Update Guide

  • Upload the contents of Update/2.3 to 2.3.1/ and overwrite existing files.
  • Go to http://yoursitedomain.com/upgrade in a browser and it should show an update interface.
  • Follow the further instructions in the update page.
  • Delete the contents of system/storage/cache/
  • Rebuild your APK using the build button in the admin panel!
  • It's done!
Changelog v2.3.1
  • Added One-click Update feature, easily update zender to the latest version starting from v2.3.1!
  • Fixed recaptcha issue for mainland china
  • Fixed an issue with adding and editing API keys
  • Fixed the naming bug in the builder controller
  • Fixed issues related with the fields of edit device modal
  • Fixed an issue where editing the default package returns "Invalid Request!" message
  • Fixed build server issues
  • Fixed an issue where an error shows when uploading a plugin in the plugin manager
  • Fixed an issue where received messages are not getting pushed to the server
  • Fixed an issue where SMS tools are not working like the auto reply and others
  • Fixed an issue with Tawk.to integration, it will now need the Direct Chat Link instead of the property ID. This chat link can be found in the Chat Widget in the sidebar of your chat property
  • Fixed an issue where send API is not detecting registered devices
  • Updated language strings
  • Updated gateway app source code
  • Updated titansystems server and verification system
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