Zender v2.3.3

Hi, we are still here. We apologize for the late response from our team, this is because of the recent development tasks that needs to be done. As most of you probably already know that we are now operating as 2 men team.

In this update, we have fixed some critical bugs from the last update especially the One-click Update feature. The button should now display after applying this update. We have also added instant delete algorithm in the gateway app, messages deleted from the web app should also be deleted from queue in the gateway app.

Update Guide

  • You must be on v2.3.2 in order to update to v2.3.3 (Check your version number in the admin panel)
  • Make sure that your purchase code was added in the system settings.
  • Visit http://yoursitedomain.com/update on your browser and you should get a success message.
  • Reload the admin panel then click the "Update" button and wait for the success message.
  • Rebuild your gateway app.
  • It's done!

A successful update should show v2.3.4 version number in the admin panel (2.3.4 is because of the quick update fixes)

We are now responding to all support requests one by one, we apologize for the delay.

Changelog v2.3.3

  • Added new delete algorithm to the gateway app
  • Fixed download update in app not working
  • Fixed update widget not showing in the admin panel
  • Fixed error spamming in error.log because of controller issue
  • Fixed character encoding issues in forgot password email
  • Fixed marking bug in the gateway app
  • Fixed table sorting bug
  • Adjusted the brightness of gateway app to 30% when running
  • 640
  • Contabo
  • Envato Market