Zender v2.3.7

This update contains some fixes and improvements in the system, Perfex CRM plugin is submitted!

Release zip file is already available in the official repository, if you don't have access to the repository, please go to this thread: https://community.titansystems.ph/announcements/49-github-repo-invitation.html

Update Guide

  • Click the Update button in the admin panel and wait for the success message.
  • Rebuild your gateway app.
  • It's done!

Changelog v2.3.7

- Submission of Perfex CRM plugin

- Added error handler for rates API

- Updated plugin system

- Fixed some gateway app bugs 

- Fixed support button in the admin panel

- Fixed /get/devices in the API

- Fixed builder upload status bug

- Fixed some bugs in the update controller

- Fixed bug in the QR code app downloading

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