Zender v2.3.8

In this release, we have applied critical fixes in the old bugs that was just recently discovered. The gateway app now uses multi-threading and will ultimately work in the background without locking the app in the memory. 

Now it's possible to use locally formatted numbers in the input fields, for this to work, the user must select their country in their profile settings, formatting will be based in the selected country. Sample numbers everywhere in the system including the API documentation will now be based in the country of the currently logged in user, if not logged in, the API documentation will use US numbers for sample.

Gateway app now use multi-threading requests, it is now possible to set the delay lower than 5 seconds because of this. Lagging of the app UI has been fixed. Deleting of pending messages is now possible, the gateway app cache will be stopped and cleared when this feature is triggered. Delete pending button is located in the sent messages page.

A new plugin also has been submitted, it is the WordPress WooCommerce SMS Plugin, this plugin allows integrating zender SMS system to WooCommerce!

Update Guide

  1. Download this: You do not have access to download files from our server unzip then upload and overwrite in system/controllers/
  2. Click the Update button in the admin panel and wait for the success message.
  3. Rebuild your theme by re-saving the theme settings form.
  4. Rebuild your Gateway APP.
  5. It's done!

Changelog v2.3.8

  • Added timezone and country in register forms
  • Added country in user profile
  • Added possibility to use non E.164 formatted numbers in the system
  • Added timezone and country settings to user manager in admin panel
  • Added sample number in input placeholder based on user country
  • Added sample number in API docs based on user country, if not logged in, defaults to US numbers
  • Added Hindi language
  • Added Marathi language
  • Fixed scrolling issues in authenticate pages
  • Fixed deleting of pending messages
  • Fixed API timezone bug
  • Fixed providers hiding option not working
  • Fix an issue where received messages are still being saved even after being deleted
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