Zender v3.0

Hello, Dear Customers!

We apologize for the very late replies and silence these past few months, we had a problem in our company that needs attention and now it's done.

Anyway, this major release has tons of new features and improvements but it also has breaking changes, these includes the following:

  • Gateway app is now using FCM for fast and efficient performance, the old app is now completely incompatible with the new version. You will need to build your app starting to v1.
  • Minimum PHP version is now 7.4, we had to do this to make the system compatible with 8.0, we removed legacy support for this.
  • Old languages are now incompatible with the new version. if you have translations, we apologize but it will not work anymore.
  • The system will only come with English language when installed, you can install additional languages by visiting the zender language repository, it is public and you can fork and create a pull request to submit your changes. 
  • Rest API was completely re-written, the old one is not compatible in the latest version anymore.
  • We have removed impersonate feature, this violates the user privacy and we had to remove it.
  • One click update has been changed, you will now need to select the update zip file when updating the system.

In addition, the latest release only comes with files for fresh install, the update files are still being created by our team, we apologize for this. The reason for the delayed update files is the overall system, it was completely incompatible with the old version and we needed to manually track the changes that needs to be applied to the old files.

The plugins are also not compatible in the latest update, we are still updating them and will also release soon.

We have added many interesting features in the update such as the following:

  • Notifications Listener - Devices can now listen for notifications from specific apps, this is useful if you want to create an automated task when some send you a chat from Facebook messenger, a notification from your favorite game. The system also has webhooks and actions for this.
  • USSD Requests - It is now possible to send USSD requests, only Android Oreo and later are compatible with this feature.
  • WhatsApp - Send and receive chats from linked WhatsApp accounts.
  • 3rd Party Gateway Integrations - It is now possible to integrate 3rd party gateways, you can also do this on your own using the controller boilerplate. Right now, we have integrated Twilio to show how it works, you can create you own pricing on top of the 3rd party gateway fixed pricing which will allow you to earn money. GitHub Repository: https://github.com/titansys/zender-gateways
  • 3rd Party Shorteners - It is now possible to shorten the URLs in the messages before sending them, you can easily integrate any URL shortener using our controller boilerplate. We have integrated Bit.ly to show how it works. GitHub Repository: https://github.com/titansys/zender-shorteners
  • Partner System - Users can now be a partner gateway provider, allow them to use their devices for global operations, they can set their message pricing and more. We have also created a dedicated page for the pricing table where users can view the partner rates and more.
  • App Structure - It is now possible to customize the layout of the gateway app, you can also add your own custom jаvascript and CSS, making it possible to add your some ads and images in the app.
  • Local Environment - The gateway app can now be built for local servers for your own local network.
  • Domain Restriction - You can now define your site domains that can use your purchase code, we've added this because we received some reports that there are purchase codes being used without permission from the owner. You can add your zender domains in your profile settings here in the support site, separate each domains with linebreak. If you leave the settings empty, then all domains will be allowed to use your purchase code.

You will probably encounter some bugs in this version, please report it to us immediately so we can release a fix in the following updates.

You can download the latest update from your codecanyon account or in the official GitHub repository: https://github.com/titansys/zender-official/releases

More features are there but it's too many to manually explain each of them here. Please try the demo here: https://previews.titansystems.ph/zender/

Changelog v3.0

  • Added the ability send and receive WhatsApp chats
  • Added USSD requests to gateway app
  • Added credits system
  • Added support for MySQL 8
  • Added support for PHP 8
  • Added notification listener in the gateway app
  • Added the ability to select multiple groups per contact
  • Added the ability to send push notifications to gateway app
  • Added the ability to broadcast live notifications to browser users
  • Added the ability to send bulk email to users for marketing
  • Added the ability unsubscribe by replying STOP or visiting a link
  • Added sim card slot detection in the received SMS
  • Added spintax for composing messages
  • Added the ability to reset package counter to daily or monthly
  • Added the ability to translate the messages before sending them
  • Added the ability to re-send failed messages
  • Added the ability to remove the free model, require users to purchase premium package
  • Added the ability to select multiple rows and delete all at once in the table system
  • Added the ability to shorten URLs in the messages
  • Added the ability to integrate 3rd party gateway providers such as Twilio
  • Added the ability to integrate 3rd party URL shorteners such as Bit.ly
  • Added the ability to launch simulated webhook triggers
  • Added the ability to clear pending messages via API
  • Added the ability to define domains that are allowed to use purchase code
  • Added quick reply button to received messages
  • Added bulk sending endpoint in the API
  • Added events charts in the dashboard 
  • Added utilities charts in the dashboard
  • Added delivery ratio in the dashboard
  • Added the ability to login using email and password in the gateway app
  • Added virtual tour guide in the gateway app
  • Added Realtime notifications system
  • Added partner system to allow users to earn money with their devices
  • Added the ability to show all packages in the homepage
  • Added in-app update downloader and installer in the gateway app
  • Added Hebrew language
  • Added Thai language
  • Added Norwegian language
  • Added Serbian language
  • Added Swedish language
  • Added dashboard tooltips
  • Added new documentations in the dashboard
  • Added the ability to re-order languages
  • Added system API for managing SaaS platform
  • Added template editor in the admin panel
  • Added the ability to regenerate system token in the system settings
  • Added the ability to build gateway app for local environment
  • Added the ability to update and delete plugins in the admin panel
  • Added visitor statistics in the admin panel
  • Added bulk marketing in the admin panel 
  • Added clear cache button in the admin panel
  • Added the custom JаvaScript and CSS editor in the theme settings
  • Added the ability to modify app structure and add custom jаvascript and CSS
  • Updated gateway system, now using FCM for faster and efficient transactions
  • Updated landing page template
  • Updated dashboard table system
  • Updated dashboard for Realtime data syncing
  • Updated system updater to manual selection of update zip file
  • Updated languages system and language strings
  • Updated API documentation
  • Updated API endpoints
  • Updated gateway app target SDK
  • Updated status types to pending, queued, send and failed
  • Updated minimum php version to 7.4
  • Updated composer packages
  • Fixed gateway app notification icon
  • Fixed infinite chart scrolling bug
  • Fixed delivery reports
  • Fixed characters issue when sending SMS
  • Fixed a bug where sending messages with very long URL doesn't get sent
  • Fixed currency exception handler
  • Fixed table paging system getting refresh when updating/deleting data
  • Fixed an issue where requests doesn't work with android 6 and below
  • Fixed default package editing bugs
  • Removed impersonation feature
  • Removed send and receive interval settings in the gateway app
  • Removed brightness control in the gateway builder
  • Removed certificate selection in the gateway builder
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