Zender v3.1

Hello again!

This is a release for fixing the critical bugs in the latest version of zender, please make sure to read the README.txt file for update instructions.

After this, we will continue the updating of plugins and will soon release the compatible version for zender v3.

If you get error when trying to update, please do this:

1. Open and edit system/controllers/requests.php and replace the contents with this: https://pastebin.com/raw/Yi8LGy5V

2. Delete the following if exists:

3. Download from codecanyon again.

4. Update again by selecting the new update.zip file you downloaded.

5. It should work now then rebuild your gateway app.

Thank you,

Norielle Cruz (Senior Engineer)

Changelog v3.1

  • Added manual bank transfer in payments
  • Added OTP in the API
  • Decreased gateway app build delay to 3 hours for regular license holders
  • Fixed sending issues in the gateway app
  • Fixed sending issues in WhatsApp
  • Fixed whole number checking of apk version in builder settings
  • Fixed WhatsApp sent and receive notification bug
  • Fixed scheduling issues in the cron controller
  • Fixed actions bugs
  • Fixed color of table buttons
  • Fixed WhatsApp bugs in the API
  • Fixed SMS sending issue in the API
  • Fixed unknown language bugs in the API
  • Fixed delete plugin button
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