Zender v3.8.1


Dear Valued Customers,

We are thrilled to announce the release of Zender v3.8.1, the latest update packed with fixes to streamline your messaging experience.


  • This update will delete all your actions such as autoreply and hooks!

Update Instructions

1. Download the update zip file: 

You do not have access to download files from our server

2. Go to admin panel. Find the "SYSTEM" widget then click the "UPDATE" button.

3. Select the update.zip file you downloaded from first step then submit.

4. Update your WhatsApp server the same way you install it from v3.8. Please append --no-cache after wget of the command so you can fetch the fresh zip file.

5. Restart your WhatsApp server on Linux with this command: 

sudo pkill -f whatsapp
  • For windows, just close the app and open it again to restart.

6. All done.

Changelog v3.8.1

  • Fixed RTL issues
  • Fixed column bug in the transactions table
  • Fixed WhatsApp audio sending issues
  • Fixed minor modal issues
  • Fixed add API key invalid request bug
  • Fixed autoreply missing database columns
  • Fixed an issue where admin buttons are visible to normal users
  • Updated WhatsApp setup modal guide
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Comments 10

  1. Offline
    Mitya_Shepelev [Customers] 14 April 2024 09:10

    It seems to be working ))

  2. Offline
    Mitya_Shepelev [Customers] 14 April 2024 09:40

    Cool I checked, now in active commerce works OTP via watsapp, thank you ))

  3. Offline
    raul146 [Customers] 14 April 2024 09:52

    Am I the only one who can't find the "Setup Guide"? It's driving me crazy. Where do I find the beloved binaries? There is no link in the documentation or a file called "Setup Guide".

    1. Offline
      widilye [Customers] 14 April 2024 10:10

      Same with me, I have read all the guide documents step by step but can't find the binaries for connecting WhatsApp server to Zender.

      Please help with a video guide, I think it will be quite easy. Thank You.

      WA Sender Sent
      1. Offline
        raul146 [Customers] 14 April 2024 10:28

        It was really %#!#, but since we came from a different installation style, the first thing you do is search to upload and install, and then configure, the logic was that.


        You go to yoursite.com/dashboard/admin/waservers/

        You add a new server, complete the data, and then in the list of servers, a green button appears with the installation instructions.

        1. Offline
          Mitya_Shepelev [Customers] 14 April 2024 11:07

          The installation mechanism has become simpler, now we can deploy even 10 watsapp servers, in different zones and providers. You just need to start learning Linux and the command line. And then everything will work out. Don't forget to protect your servers so that they won't be hacked.

        2. Offline
          widilye [Customers] 14 April 2024 20:14

          Thank you for the help and information, after I checked again it turns out that we have to create our own key, not based on the WhatsApp server, the key here is to connect WhatsApp to Zender.

          After I created the Key myself, it finally worked and I followed all the steps you suggested and the documentation guide. Thank you for the help.

          WA Sender Sent
  4. Offline
    imcoder_official [Customers] 14 April 2024 18:17

    is API working? 

    1. Offline
      raul146 [Customers] 14 April 2024 23:34

      Yes, and no, I came for exactly the same thing, send messages, not send attachments. For shipping, fast shipping works, for API it doesn't. It does not attach, for example, the images.

  5. Offline
    romifirdauslazuardi [Customers] 15 April 2024 02:26

    why can't I login with Google? there is an error "AUTHENTICATION ERROR" what should I do?

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