Zender v3.3.1


The update for the critical bugs found in v3.3 is finally available. In this version, we have fixed some of the bugs found when sending SMS and Chats.

We also added a new tab on both SMS and WhatsApp pages, this tab is for the queued messages. The sent tab will now only display sent and failed messages.

Unfortunately, we have a bad news. WhatsApp suddenly changed the authentication protocol of the accounts and we have to update the WhatsApp binary to keep it working. It will be required to delete and reconnect all the WhatsApp accounts again. Sorry.

We have also added built-in Ngrok support for the binaries, this will allow easy hosting of the WhatsApp server in your computers at home especially if you don't have a public static IP. Video guides for the WhatsApp binary setup are also now available. You can check them in the official documentation.

Update release can be downloaded here: https://github.com/titansys/zender-official/releases

Update instructions for Zender: https://docs.titansystems.ph/zender/updation/system/#quick-update

Update instructions for WhatsApp: https://docs.titansystems.ph/zender/updation/whatsapp/

Changelog v3.3.1

  • Added Ngrok and Localtunnel skip warning headers in WhatsApp library
  • Added debug flag on WhatsApp binary
  • Added built-in support for Ngrok
  • Added WhatsApp status monitor block in admin panel
  • Added the ability to send document files in WhatsApp. Supports pdf, doc, docx, xls and xlsx
  • Added the ability to generate WhatsApp QR in API
  • Added the ability to download attachments from sent WhatsApp chats
  • Added attachments download in WhatsApp sent API
  • Added queue tabs in SMS and WhatsApp pages
  • Added video guides for WhatsApp binary hosting
  • WhatsApp chats will not be seen if you disable receive chats option of account
  • Fixed WhatsApp button send bug in API that requires image for sending
  • Fixed bulk sender of WhatsApp repeating contact name bug
  • Fixed excel variables repeating and number formatting issue
  • Fixed countQuota PHP_INT_MAX error bug
  • Fixed empty space when footer watermark is empty
  • Fixed implicit int error in device.php at line 999
  • Fixed counting/restriction problem in schedules and actions
  • Fixed bug in WhatsApp bulk message where footer mark is piling up on every send making it longer
  • Fixed<b></b> tags from gateway app and DONE button still not translated in app.
  • Fixed error in pages when it doesn't exist
  • Fixed not translated example spintax in sending forms
  • Fixed API missing id in get sent and get pending for both SMS and WhatsApp
  • Fixed error in user account if subscribed package was deleted
  • Fixed a bug where using STOP keyword doesn't add number to unsubscribed list for WhatsApp
  • Fixed link shortcodes not being added in WhatsApp bulk forms
  • Fixed a bug where schedule repeat days keep defaulting to 127 days when entering 365 days as value
  • Fixed auth box size on tablet screens
  • Fixed missing translations in campaign popups
  • Fixed device already linked message, it will now show redacted owner email
  • Fixed payumoney, stripe, and mercadopago in MPG plugin
  • Fixed bug on mexican mobile numbers. For WhatsApp only.
  • Fixed forgot password temporary password not working
  • Fixed translations strings in WhatsApp features
  • Updated WhatsApp add account sequence
  • Updated phone parameter to recipient in sample codes of WhatsApp API
  • Removed broken zippy library and added a new zip library
  • Removed WhatsApp binary support for macOS
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