Zender v3.3.2

We are pleased to announce the release of a critical bug fix for the current version (v3.3.1) of Zender. This update does not include any new features, but instead focuses on addressing critical bugs to make Zender more usable while our main update is being completed. Please note that this is NOT the MAIN UPDATE.

One of the significant updates included in this release is an update to the WhatsApp binary for multi-threading, which will enhance performance and speed up transactions when using WhatsApp features. Additionally, we have applied fixes to buttons and lists to ensure optimal user experience.

To update the WhatsApp server, please delete the contents of the storage/chats/ directory then replace the binary file. Furthermore, please note that queued chats will need to be deleted from your Zender as they will not be processed by the new WhatsApp binary anymore.

Moreover, we have updated the current gateway app to resolve the USSD issue and eliminate false detections on VirusTotal. We have also fixed logical transactions to prevent any lag during usage. After applying the update in your Zender admin panel, please make sure to rebuild your app.

We invite you to download the update release file from GitHub or your Codecanyon downloads page.

Changelog v3.3.2

  • Updated the WhatsApp binary for multi-threading
  • Updated composer packages
  • Fixed WhatsApp action hooks
  • Refactored visitor statistics recording
  • Fixed footermark not showing in autoreply messages
  • Fixed autoreply improper handling of keywords
  • Fixed undefined lang when account is connected
  • Fixed phone validation before sending WhatsApp message
  • Fixed WhatsApp scheduled repeat bug
  • Fixed subscription expiration reminder repeating endlessly
  • Fixed bug where it adds 5 minutes to scheduled messages on every send for both SMS and WhatsApp
  • Fixed create WhatsApp QR in API
  • Fixed virus total false detections in the apk file
  • Fixed int precision bug in the device controller
  • Fixed brazil numbers bug on WhatsApp
  • Fixed USSD in the gateway app
  • Fixed excel import bug on PHP 8.1 and later
  • Refactored automatic load on heavy tables such as messages to prevent server overload and added manual refresh button
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