Zender v3.3.6

We are delighted to announce the release of our latest version, which addresses several bugs identified in v3.3.5, while also introducing new minor features. You can download the update from the official repository on GitHub or your CodeCanyon profile page.

It is now possible to select multiple devices and WhatsApp accounts when you send a bulk campaign. The messages will be distributed evenly to each device/account.

To update your Zender, please refer to the instructions provided on this page: https://docs.titansystems.ph/zender/updation/system/#quick-update

You should also update your gateway controllers because we changed the structure in the update. You can get the updated controllers from this repository: https://github.com/titansys/zender-gateways

Linux users must update the WhatsApp binary to ensure a successful update. Please follow these steps:

  1. Upload the new binary to your server, replacing the old binary.
  2. Execute the following command:
    sudo chmod +x ./titansys-whatsapp-linux
  3. If you are using the autorun script, restart your WhatsApp server by executing the command:
    sudo pkill -f whatsapp

For Windows users, please follow these steps to update WhatsApp successfully:

  1. Exit the Desktop app.
  2. Copy the new binary to the resources/binary/ folder, replacing the old binary.
  3. Open the Desktop app and start the server.

Thank you for your continued support, and we hope you enjoy the enhanced functionality and bug fixes in our latest release.

Changelog v3.3.6

  • Added the ability to select multiple devices/gateways when sending SMS.
  • Added the ability to select multiple accounts when sending WhatsApp messages.
  • Added version system in the WhatsApp binary.
  • Fixed WhatsApp priority bug in otp API.
  • Fixed WhatsApp connection status info.
  • Fixed repeating variables in WhatsApp bulk and excel.
  • Fixed sim slot issue on bulk SMS excel.
  • Fixed lang_undefined in android version names.
  • Fixed only_full_group_by bug in cron model.
  • Fixed pending bug when sending priority WhatsApp messages.
  • Fixed WhatsApp receive bug in the controller.
  • Refactored error handler in WhatsApp binary.
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